District of Columbia Concealed Carry Course (CCW)



THIS Firearm course is a 16 hour course (range, ammunition and targets included). This course is instructed by an MPD approved Conceal Carry Instructor. Classroom training will include subjects such as:

1. Firearm safety, including firearm safety in the home, a discussion of prevention of access by minors, locking and storing of firearms, and use of safety devices such as secure lock boxes.

2. Firearm nomenclature.

3. The basic principles of marksmanship.

4. The care, cleaning, maintenance, loading, unloading, and storage of pistols.

5. Situational awareness, conflict management, and moral and ethical decisions on the use of deadly force.

6. Defensive pistol and ammunition selection.

7. DC laws and federal laws regulating firearms and laws of self-defense.

8. Practical range training on our state of the art shooting simulator.




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